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Blackstone Academy Charter School Inc. was established in 2002 in order to give students from Central Falls and Pawtucket, Rhode Island a small, public high school of choice that connects learning to community and prepares students for higher education.

"Community Involvement and Improvement" is more than just a theme at our school. Teachers integrate community problem solving into their coursework and all students participate in job shadows, internships and senior projects that engage them with the local, regional and global communities. In addition to diplomas, students can earn a certificate in Non-Profit Studies which focuses on leading community change.

Blackstone Academy is proud to have been a RIDE "Commended" School for the past three years. This commendation is a reflection of our strong school culture, the academic success and growth of our students, and our commitment to engaging diverse learners despite their past or present challenges. The majority of our students go on to higher education and will be the first in their family to do so.

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